SNAP/Market Money

Market Money / SNAP / Fresh Savings

Forget to bring cash? Green Market Tokens can be purchased with debit/credit cards, and spent on anything in the market.

We will DOUBLE your SNAP benefits at the Winter Farmers Market for fresh fruits and vegetables, with our Fresh Savings Program. All our vendors take cash. Many take debit and credit cards, and some take SNAP/EBT cards as well. If you need more cash, come to the Welcome Desk, and you can purchase Market Tokens! These spend like cash in the market:

  • RED Tokens, $1-

In $1 denominations, these are tokens you receive when you scan your EBT / SNAP benefit cards. No scan fee.   Red tokens are only valid on SNAP approved items (farm products, food bearing plants, and packaged foods). They never expire.

  • Fresh Savings Tokens $1 

Swipe your EBT card, and you’ll receive up to $20 per transaction in Fresh Savings tokens, which can be spent on fresh fruits and veggies at the market. These Fresh Savings tokens can also be spent at the New Harvest Park Farmers’ Market, and Market Square Farmers’ Market in Knoxville. They will not expire through at least 2018.

  • GREEN Tokens, $5

In $5 denominations, Green tokens are good for any item in the market! They NEVER expire, and if you may receive cash back from a vendor when a purchase does not reach $5.  There is a $2 scan fee and a $20 minimum to purchase Green tokens.


VENDORS – All tokens are reimbursed after the market by the market manager. Please familiarize yourself with the various tokens and coupons, and how they are reimbursed.


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