SNAP/Market Money

Cash, credit, debit and SNAP/EBT

All our vendors take cash. Many take debit and credit cards. A few take EBT cards as well.

Forgot your cash? – You may scan your debit, credit or EBT card at the Welcome Desk to receive “Market Dollars,” which spend like cash in the market.

GREEN Tokens

Receive this when you scan your debit or credit cards. There is a 3% scan fee. You may receive cash change for green tokens, and they can be used to purchase anything in the market. Vendors get reimbursed at the end of the day.

RED Tokens –

Receive these when you scan your EBT / SNAP benefit cards. No scan fee. You cannot get cash change for these.  Red tokens are only valid on SNAP approved items (farm products, food bearing plants, and packaged foods). Vendors get reimbursed the next week.
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